Prestige Car Hire

When an important client comes to visit your business, it can make all the difference if you wine and dine them. This is particularly important if it is a new client that you are wishing to bag. This may be their first impression of your company, and the way you treat them will go a long way to deciding on how your business relationship will go forward.

This does not end simply in the boardroom. If the client is coming from a distance to meet you, then you may need to pick them up from the airport. This is one of the first impressions the client will get from you, so how should you proceed?

Some people think that hiring a prestige car for a client arriving at the airport may seem extravagant. For example, the client may think that you are a company that is willing to throw away money on unrequired expenses. They may also feel intimidated that you are clearly trying to butter them up for what you want from them.

These concerns are really very far from the truth though. Hiring a prestige car is generally for a small period of time, and does not cost that much money. As long as you are consistent in your treatment of customers, they will appreciate the extra effort. Do not be thrifty with customers until it is time for them to renew their services, they will see this a mile away and not appreciate the extra effort you have put in.

If you commonly have prestige clients arriving, you should have a prestige car hire company ready to call upon. You will be able to negotiate a discount with the company if you are planning on using their services regularly. In the end, this can make the price of hiring a prestige car with a driver about the same price as expensive airport taxis, or having members of staff taking lots of time out of their day to cater for these clients.

Above this need, you could start to use the prestige car company for your own uses, so that when you go to visit clients and suppliers in your local area the car company can drive you, or you can hire the prestige car. They will commonly be able to drop off the car at your location, ready for you to use. It is a great symbol of your company’s success for your business partners to see.

Starting a Business – Mindset

I needed to write this article because it was driving me crazy hearing and seeing everything you see on the internet about internet business. If you are like me you surf the internet looking for new ideas of what to do on the internet as well as new tools. Well I’m not going to talk about anything new. What I want to bring up is the old work mentality of owning your own Business.

What does being a business owner mean to you?

Seriously I want you to ask yourself that question. Does it make you think:

o The prestige of owning your own business
o Success of taking an idea and being able to make it work
o Financial Wealth
o Security of knowing your in control
o Pride

Lets start off with prestige.

prestige -commanding position in people’s minds

Why do we need this? Why is this a driving force in our life?

WE have been told all our life how important it is to look good in the eyes of others to the point of sacrificing are own integrity to do so. It drives me insane the things that people do to impress the people around them. I was told once to look into myself on what are who I am. I laughed I said “What does that matter” but as I came to find out it did. But that is another topic all together but one I want you to think about. Why? Because if you don’t know how to manage yourself if you don’t have personal integrity how are you successfully going to run your business. Why do people want to shop at your store?

Because you have a product what they want? Wrong! Unless of course you came up with the one thing that no one else can duplicate and you just made history in the business world. Why do I say that because it is true there is not one single thing out there in the business world that is by itself. You have competition there are other stores with your product for sale. So again I ask the question:

Why Do People Want to Shop at Your Store?

Because of you and your employees who should be a reflection of you. If you spend a ton of money on advertising, promotions and you even get some word of mouth about your store and they come in and your people are poorly dressed and the store is a mess. What do you think is going to happen?

If you think your going to make a sale your wrong you just wasted all that hard earned money and time that you used to try to get people in the door. Why do I bring this up? Because this is the primary fundamental of running and operating a business. How you are perceived is a direct reflection of your business. If you have a poor reputation in your community and you open a business what are you going to have to do to overcome and make it a thriving business.

You need to focus on you and how you can make yourself a better person. You will not get prestige by just opening a business you will get prestige when you become a better person. When you stop focusing on what you can get from others and change it to how you can benefit others. Start everyday by asking Five simple questions:

o Who Am I?

o What Am I?

o Where Am I?

o What Am I Going To do Today?

o Why Am I going To Do It?

If you do that everyday and don’t make the focus all on you but how you can make today a better day than yesterday you will become successful with prestige!

Negotiating With People of Prestige and Power

When you negotiate with people of prestige or power, do you become meek?

Sometimes, when we negotiate with people that we perceive as having more authority, power, or prestige, than ourselves, we become fearful or intimidated. Then, we tend not to negotiate with them as firmly as we might with other individuals. This can occur for several reasons …

  1. You don’t want to alienate the person of power for fear of losing something more important in the future.
  2. You fear the possible retribution that might come from being perceived as a ‘difficult person.’
  3. You want to be perceived as a person that everyone can get along with.

You could have all kinds of reasons and thoughts that create barriers in your mind, as to why you don’t want to negotiate from a stronger position. Regardless of the thoughts, seek to understand the impediments that prevent you from negotiating and address them.

When you negotiate with your boss, a power broker, or anyone that has more perceived authority than yourself, you can utilize some of the following strategies.

  1. Since the person has more prestige, power, or authority, appeal to their sense of fairness. You can cast yourself in the position of someone lower in stature that seeks their support. Depending upon the personality type of the individual you are negotiating with, that person’s ego may be stroked. Let her know how much you look up to her and the ‘good’ she’s contributing to your environment. Be prepared with a very good rebuttal if she tries to turn this strategy against you by suggestion the things she’s already done for you should be your reward.
  2. Seek grounds of mutual agreement as to the value you possess and be prepared to substantiate why your position warrants merits.
  3. Exploit, in a positive manner, any leverage you can utilize. If you’ve recently been cited for something of notoriety, especially if it relates to your goal of the negotiation, mention it as additional justification as to why you should receive what you seek.
  4. Suggest to the other person that they prepare to see you in a different manner, from which they may be accustomed to viewing you. Then, let them know you’re putting on your ‘business hat,’ or whatever metaphor is appropriate. If possible tie a positive trait that they possess to your actions and suggest you are attempting to imitate the good ‘business practices’ you’ve gleaned from them. Once you get their ‘buy in,’ you’re more than half way home to getting what you want from the negotiation.

Eventually, when negotiating, if you continuously put the feelings and desires of others ahead of your own, you will become very frustrated. In addition, your self respect will eventually start to suffer. You will look in the mirror and not like the person looking back at you.

When all is said and done, if you can’t summon the courage needed to negotiate with those that have more perceived power, and if the prize is large enough, consider having someone else negotiate for you. Just be aware of the inherent risk in doing so … and everything will be right with the world.

The negotiation lessons are …

  • When you negotiate with someone in a higher position than yourself, be mindful of what they might seek from you. If possible, give it to them and appeal to their sense of fairness to get what you seek.
  • If you find it difficult to negotiate with those that have greater authority, put your mind into a psychological state that cast you into a figure that can’t be beaten. Really psyche yourself up. Gather background information that will help you substantiate why you deserve your goal of the negotiation and start negotiating.
  • If you can’t summon within yourself the courage, strength, or whatever is needed to combat that which prevents you from negotiating with ‘stronger’ figures, and you have no other source to turn to for assistance, be prepared to live with the consequences of not negotiating.