Beat the Competition With a Bit of Prestige Chauffeur Hire

Ever felt like everyone else was making a slightly better impression? That other business, perhaps, had just the tiniest edge over one’s own when it came to impressing clients, giving off that right feel for an occasion? Feel that way no more. There’s a new type of chauffeur service in town, and it’s making all the other options look a little pedestrian. Prestige chauffeur hire, the ultimate in customer facing style – where every last detail can be specified and each driver is a sort of combination fixer, friend and butler. It’ll have all the rivals in town gnashing their teeth in no time.

So – what is it? Simply put, it’s the best of the best: a kind of five star treatment equivalent for meeting and greeting, shipping between social occasions, and so on. Where other chauffeur hire provides, at best, a great car and a competent driver, prestige chauffeur hire supplies a complete roster of customer-chosen attributes that add up to a totally bespoke chauffeuring package. Choose at will, specifying colour, age, interior decoration and the appointments included for passenger comfort. Power points, a bar, Internet connections – whatever is required to make the impression of this or any other century.

How about chauffeur livery? Most chauffeur hire companies will provide a standard company livery for their drivers, which of course make the subtle point to one’s guest that one is only borrowing this service in order to make the right impression. The way to really make a good impression is to have one’s drivers attired in a livery that matches one’s own company colours, or blends stylishly with the interior of the car. Prestige chauffeur hire allows every detail of the driver’s uniform to be specified minutely, ensuring that the impression one actually gives is the impression one thought one would.

The look of the driver, if one is going for all out wow factor, is not enough. Not even combined with the best car on earth. No – what really makes a great chauffeur hire is the whole “feel” of the driver – his or her attitude, attributes, and skills. A prestige chauffeur will do a lot more than simply drive. He or she will be discreet, polite and knowledgeable, making the experience of a passenger in a prestige chauffeur hire car akin to that of flying first class, or staying in the finest hotels. Furthermore, prestige chauffeurs are also trained to act as temporary PA, arranging evenings out, entertainment, hotel bookings and so on. In effect, the driver in a prestige chauffeuring situation becomes servant, confidant, fixer and facilitator – allowing one’s company, which has ostensibly provided both car and driver, to appear top of the class in every respect.

Appearances are just as important now as they ever were. Those special clients require that something extra be done for them, in order that they may feel special and continue patronising one’s business. Prestige chauffeur hire is just the way to go about it.