Learn How to Use Video Marketing for Your Business

There are lots of free video portals on the Internet. Although YouTube is the most well known, there are also others such as Google Video or Vimeo. So you might be wondering how you can use them to your advantage and what these advantages might be. First of all, and to be clear, I think that if you’re going to try to go for video marketing, you are better off just focusing on YouTube and forgetting about the rest. The site has more searches than any other except Google. That means that well used, your impact on YouTube can be higher than on Yahoo or Bing. And having an online presence on a video portal is also a question of prestige for any company, specially if they are an Internet business.

In my opinion, your videos have to cover two important factors. First of all, they have to give interesting and useful information to users. We’ll go on to see why in a moment. Second of all, they have to give your business prestige. Let us examine these notions.

Some universities, such as Yale, have uploaded full seminars on to YouTube. This means that the university trusts the quality of its lecturers and is willing to share some information with anybody who is interested. This creates an image of Yale as a high quality institution with sound values. They are not just uploading videos, they are giving information to people not just interested in Yale, but in more general topics such as literature, economics or science. As far as a business goes, these ideas are perfectly applicable. Few people are interested in getting to know exclusively the day to day of your company, or what your living room looks like. But they are hungry for useful information on which you can give a unique point of view. If you manage to make your YouTube channel a referent for a certain market or niche, you will indirectly be showing that your company or you directly know what you are talking about.

Furthermore, people will have a sense of knowing you and you will be able to create a community of potential buyers. Only a percentage of those who follow you on YouTube will end up making purchases, but the system will work only if you cater for everybody, answer their comments and create interesting and informative discussions.

In short, your objective with YouTube will be to talk about what you know best and share it, gratis, with the world. Users will appreciate this and respond by remembering you, recommending you and using your businesses services. So the time and effort put into video marketing in this case will always be justified.