Lexmark Prestige Pro805 Printer Review

The Lexmark Prestige Pro805 is a large multifunction printer when you first take it out of the box: measuring 25×46.5×39.2cm and weighing in at 9.27kg it is definitely a huge add-on to just about any office. Together with other oddly-titled machines (which include such gems as the Impact, Prevail and also Intuition), the wireless-enabled Pro805 can print, copy and scan. Priced at around £120, this printer really does cost a lot of money, thus you have to ensure that it’s capable of delivering your needs before you spend your money.

It’s thus clear that the Pro805 has a myriad of calling cards, but the most unusual of these is the 4.3-inch web-enabled touchscreen display that takes the place of the classic colour TFT panel at the front end of the machine. The sleek piano black finish added a touch of refinement to the traditional Lexmark printer design. The Smart Solutions interface lets you download applications to set up on the printer (like RSS feeds, and one-touch printing for commonly used documents assuming a personal computer is coupled to the printer at the time).

Connectivity is taken care of thanks to 802.11b/g/n or the standard Ethernet port at the back of the device. At the front alongside the touchscreen are standard PictBridge connections (though only for SD, Memory Stick, xD and MMC cards). If you don’t feel like freeing yourself from cords, a USB slot is available at the back just beside the Ethernet port. A great addition for business people is the scanner’s ability to read business cards as well as transfer information in to a communications program of choice (like Microsoft Outlook). There is auto duplexing too. There are four included ink cartridges, one black and three colours ( magenta, cyan and yellow) all XL (high yield) Paper consumables are packed from the front of the machine.

The first time we encountered the touchscreen interface is when we set-up the device, and we were really impressed. It is nice and responsive, as well as user-friendly. It additionally gives a nice visual indication (complete with little animated bubbles!) to inform you the existing ink tank levels. This is the place our affection for the unit starts to wane. In our experience, there’s always an element of any printer to be frustrating, and for the Pro805 it wins the tearing hair accolade for having the most fiddly ink tanks. It takes a lot of jotling just to fit the tanks into the printhead as it would not snap into position. This printer isn’t particularly fast – with our standard test document sent via the USB connection it took one minute, 13 seconds for the first page to emerge from the printer, with lengthy delays of 10 seconds or more between pages thereafter.

Fortunately, text quality with standard 12-point font was fairly good, though at larger sizes there was a small amount of smudging and banding across the text. Print speed was somewhat slow at almost double of Lexmark’s claim of 24 seconds for a 10x15cm photo quality print on photo paper. Print quality was decent, but nowhere in the vicinity of lab quality having noticeable droplets and also over-saturated colours.

Among Lexmark’s perennial claims is the low running cost of their printers, in this case – 1p per page on black text. The Pro805 has four ink cartridges, one black and three individual colour. The best buy is the 100XL cartridges in return program format.

Why Promotional Pens Are the Best Business Gifts – Top 10 Reasons

With so many promotional gifts to choose from, it is usually a consumer’s nightmare in choosing an appropriate medium to display their advertising message. Having worked within the promotional merchandise business for the last thirty years, manufacturing and printing mousemats, coasters, keyrings, magnetics, stickers etc. I can honestly say that nothing approaches the value-for-money and advertising power that printed promotional pens can offer. Of course I am biased, but after all this time, I am still passionate about this humblest of promotional products and these are my top-ten reasons.

  1. Price. Giveaways can be a good investment if they work but as it is not always very easy to quantify the viability or effectiveness of an advertising campaign it is prudent to set yourself a conservative budget. This is one of the main strengths of promotional pens because their relatively low price, compared to other forms of promotional merchandise means your outlay, and consequently your risk, will be minimal.
  2. Acceptability. Promotional pens are acceptable in equal-measure to men, women and children of nearly all ages. In other words they appeal to almost everyone. This level of acceptability is not mirrored by any other promotional product in its price range.
  3. Functionality: Sometimes we forget that even the cheapest printed pen is a functional writing instrument that is intended for use day after day. As such, it is unique amongst promotional gifts, where the norm is one-off or at best, very occasional use.
  4. Exposure: The inherent functionality of promotional pens ensures its popularity amongst recipients and as a consequence maximum exposure for your corporate message is guaranteed throughout its working life. Contrast this with the exposure that most of the other promotional items can achieve and it is clear that it holds a unique position within the promotional merchandise industry.
  5. Visibility: No other promotional product is intended to be used at a more personal level than your promotional pen. It is an arms-length companion wherever the recipient wishes to takes it.
  6. Diversity: Not only do promotional pens carry your powerful printed advertisement for all to see every day but by careful selection of the materials they are made from you can also convey a more subliminal message to the intended recipient. By choosing any one of the biodegradable, recycled, or FSC certified wooden promotional pens you are also demonstrating your stance on the environment. Choose from the BiofreeTM range with it pathogen neutralising additives and you will be seen to not only be promoting your company’s brand but you will also demonstrate your approach to healthy living. No other promotional product is available in this range of unique materials – at any price.
  7. Universality: Whether you want promotional giveaways for paying guests in hotel rooms or a fine writing instrument for those prestige awards the choice is limitless. There is a promotional pen with a perceived prestige value available at all levels – you just have to think of the application, the impression you want to create and then make your selection from the vast range available in the market.
  8. Finishes: What other promotional gift is made in such a variety of materials and finishes? Wood, metal, plastic, stone, ivory, corn starch to name but a few. Combine this with the range of finishes available such as frosted, electroplated, enamelled, leatherette, polished and wood grain and you have an almost limitless amount of permutations to suit your application.
  9. Print: Virtually all the standard methods for decoration can be used on promotional pens. High volume screen printing for plastic pens, pad printing on compound shapes, full colour 360 degree wrap around and engraving on those prestige metal or wooden pens. The choice is yours to suit the budget and the image you wish to create.
  10. Presentation: From bulk packed to individually wrapped and boxed there is a level of presentation available that is suitable for every application or impression that you wish to create.

I believe that no other category of promotional gift provides the level of choice that promotional pens can offer. They are not only incredibly diverse, they are also timeless and without equal. Thank you for reading this article, I hope you have enjoyed its content and are as inspired as I am about the marketing potential of promotional pens.

Beat the Competition With a Bit of Prestige Chauffeur Hire

Ever felt like everyone else was making a slightly better impression? That other business, perhaps, had just the tiniest edge over one’s own when it came to impressing clients, giving off that right feel for an occasion? Feel that way no more. There’s a new type of chauffeur service in town, and it’s making all the other options look a little pedestrian. Prestige chauffeur hire, the ultimate in customer facing style – where every last detail can be specified and each driver is a sort of combination fixer, friend and butler. It’ll have all the rivals in town gnashing their teeth in no time.

So – what is it? Simply put, it’s the best of the best: a kind of five star treatment equivalent for meeting and greeting, shipping between social occasions, and so on. Where other chauffeur hire provides, at best, a great car and a competent driver, prestige chauffeur hire supplies a complete roster of customer-chosen attributes that add up to a totally bespoke chauffeuring package. Choose at will, specifying colour, age, interior decoration and the appointments included for passenger comfort. Power points, a bar, Internet connections – whatever is required to make the impression of this or any other century.

How about chauffeur livery? Most chauffeur hire companies will provide a standard company livery for their drivers, which of course make the subtle point to one’s guest that one is only borrowing this service in order to make the right impression. The way to really make a good impression is to have one’s drivers attired in a livery that matches one’s own company colours, or blends stylishly with the interior of the car. Prestige chauffeur hire allows every detail of the driver’s uniform to be specified minutely, ensuring that the impression one actually gives is the impression one thought one would.

The look of the driver, if one is going for all out wow factor, is not enough. Not even combined with the best car on earth. No – what really makes a great chauffeur hire is the whole “feel” of the driver – his or her attitude, attributes, and skills. A prestige chauffeur will do a lot more than simply drive. He or she will be discreet, polite and knowledgeable, making the experience of a passenger in a prestige chauffeur hire car akin to that of flying first class, or staying in the finest hotels. Furthermore, prestige chauffeurs are also trained to act as temporary PA, arranging evenings out, entertainment, hotel bookings and so on. In effect, the driver in a prestige chauffeuring situation becomes servant, confidant, fixer and facilitator – allowing one’s company, which has ostensibly provided both car and driver, to appear top of the class in every respect.

Appearances are just as important now as they ever were. Those special clients require that something extra be done for them, in order that they may feel special and continue patronising one’s business. Prestige chauffeur hire is just the way to go about it.