Starting a Business – Mindset

I needed to write this article because it was driving me crazy hearing and seeing everything you see on the internet about internet business. If you are like me you surf the internet looking for new ideas of what to do on the internet as well as new tools. Well I’m not going to talk about anything new. What I want to bring up is the old work mentality of owning your own Business.

What does being a business owner mean to you?

Seriously I want you to ask yourself that question. Does it make you think:

o The prestige of owning your own business
o Success of taking an idea and being able to make it work
o Financial Wealth
o Security of knowing your in control
o Pride

Lets start off with prestige.

prestige -commanding position in people’s minds

Why do we need this? Why is this a driving force in our life?

WE have been told all our life how important it is to look good in the eyes of others to the point of sacrificing are own integrity to do so. It drives me insane the things that people do to impress the people around them. I was told once to look into myself on what are who I am. I laughed I said “What does that matter” but as I came to find out it did. But that is another topic all together but one I want you to think about. Why? Because if you don’t know how to manage yourself if you don’t have personal integrity how are you successfully going to run your business. Why do people want to shop at your store?

Because you have a product what they want? Wrong! Unless of course you came up with the one thing that no one else can duplicate and you just made history in the business world. Why do I say that because it is true there is not one single thing out there in the business world that is by itself. You have competition there are other stores with your product for sale. So again I ask the question:

Why Do People Want to Shop at Your Store?

Because of you and your employees who should be a reflection of you. If you spend a ton of money on advertising, promotions and you even get some word of mouth about your store and they come in and your people are poorly dressed and the store is a mess. What do you think is going to happen?

If you think your going to make a sale your wrong you just wasted all that hard earned money and time that you used to try to get people in the door. Why do I bring this up? Because this is the primary fundamental of running and operating a business. How you are perceived is a direct reflection of your business. If you have a poor reputation in your community and you open a business what are you going to have to do to overcome and make it a thriving business.

You need to focus on you and how you can make yourself a better person. You will not get prestige by just opening a business you will get prestige when you become a better person. When you stop focusing on what you can get from others and change it to how you can benefit others. Start everyday by asking Five simple questions:

o Who Am I?

o What Am I?

o Where Am I?

o What Am I Going To do Today?

o Why Am I going To Do It?

If you do that everyday and don’t make the focus all on you but how you can make today a better day than yesterday you will become successful with prestige!